Six dining chairs - Ole Wanscher - A.J. Iversen - 1950s
Great condition

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A set of six dining chairs, designed by Ole Wanscher and upholstered in bright yellow fabric, made in mahogany by A.J. Iversen in Denmark around the 1950s, represents a beauty of Danish furniture art and craftsmanship from the middle of the 20th century.

These chairs bear Ole Wanscher's elegant design and are a testament to A.J. Iversen's skill as a cabinetmaker. The mahogany wood adds a warm and rich hue that emphasizes the timeless appeal of the chair furniture.

The bright yellow fabric that adorns the upholstery not only adds a pleasant contrast to the color of the wood, but also creates a bright and lively look for the chairs. Wanscher's design focused on both comfort and aesthetics, which these chairs testify to with their beautiful and functional design.
Dimensions in cm: H:87 W:46 D:41 SH:50 (More in stock, Ask for stock quantity)

Great condition
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